Buck 65 "Super Pretty Naughty" (video)

Buck 65 'Super Pretty Naughty' (video)
Oversized gold chains? Scantily dressed women? A vocalist making it rain with dollar bills? No, it's not a Top 40 video from an up-and-coming pop star. Rather, it's the latest clip from Canadian hip-hop vet Buck 65.

"Super Pretty Naughty" is a giddy, over-the-top, sexed-up banger with lots of wooshing laser synths and references to eating cake and birthday sex. The video adds to the slapstick raunchiness by showing Buck 65 decked out in colourful outfits while dancing with women and shooting beams of light from his crotch.

Watch it below [via Entertainment Weekly].

The album Neverlove drops on September 30. When we heard that Buck 65 was releasing a divorce album, this song isn't quite what we had in mind.