Brutal Truth For Drug Crazed Grindfreaks Only!

Originally released in 2000 on Solardisk Records, this disc finds almighty grinders Brutal Truth in their prime, live during a radio session in 1998. With a set drawing heavily from the Sounds of the Animal Kingdom disc, but touching on every album, the main surprise about this is the gloriously raw production qualities: everything maxed out, treble hitting the red, hi-hat and vocals screaming through the wall of noise. Definitely for fans only, this re-release offers nothing the original CD didn’t (except for a silk-screened patch for you crust punx) but ten songs (and one "new” song that is simply stoned studio tomfoolery — don’t get excited) of perfect punked-out grind from the best grinders around is definitely reason to get this if you’re a BT fan who missed out on the first pressing, bit of a rarity that it was. (Relapse)