Brian Wilson On Tour

For diehard fans only, as this isn't much of a documentary and merely average as a concert film. The principle appeal is, of course, that Brian Wilson has rescued himself from his mental and physical health problems and is now performing his music around the world and finally experiencing the love of his fans directly. He speaks of having "the most fun I've ever had on stage" and raves about what an immense pleasure it is to be "playing with a band that loves my music," a subtle swipe at some of his former Beach Boys. Isn't that inspiring? Of course it is, and the look of stunned joy on his face through the whole DVD is testament to that. But the bad editing, poor off-stage lighting and tacky on-stage lighting, and sloppy regurgitation of the same star cameos make this occasionally painful. Never mind the absurdity of a man in his 60s singing adolescent anthems that every fawning talking head here thinks is on par with Mozart: "God Only Knows," sure, but "Fun Fun Fun" is bubblegum, not Beethoven. Extras: Extended interviews with band members; Wilson talking about the Beatles; backstage montage. (Sanctuary/EMI)