Mike Love Wants the Beach Boys to Make New Music with Brian Wilson

"His musical abilities, as long as he's alive he’ll have those"

Photo courtesy of Disney+

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 15, 2024

Sadly, Brian Wilson has been placed under a conservatorship as he deals with a "major neurocognitive disorder (such as dementia)." Despite that, the Beach Boys have said Wilson still has his musical abilities, and they hope to make music together again.

Mike Love, 83, told BBC 4 that the band — including Wilson, 81 — reunited in the studio as part of their new Disney+ documentary. "He was remembering things I'd forgotten about our high school days. His long-term memory is right there," Love said. "His musical abilities, as long as he's alive he'll have those, but he does need medical supervision and care. His wife did take care of that." Wilson's wife Melinda Ledbetter died in January, which led to Wilson being placed under a conservatorship.

Love said, "It's a brand new day now and I'm hoping we can do something together — all of us — and it'll be great."

Bruce Johnston, 81, added, "I think once Brian and Mike sit round the piano and just the magic, you can't stop it."

Wilson's publicist Jean Sievers previously told Rolling Stone, "While Brian is diagnosed with dementia and he mourns the loss of his beloved wife Melinda, he is physically healthy and leads a full life and is currently working on projects."

According to Love in this latest interview, "He [Wilson] knows that he needs the help, but we're still able to get together and we're going to see each other soon. It's not so negative as it sounds. As long as he's cared for properly."

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