Brendan Canning

Home Wrecking Years

BY Anna AlgerPublished Aug 10, 2016

Broken Social Scene co-founder Brendan Canning has made indie songs for the dog days of summer on his new record, Home Wrecking Years. He complements breezy pop with languid, downtempo arrangements such as those heard on "Once I Was a Runner."
Canning's delicate vocals harmonize nicely on the delightfully horn-filled "Keystone Dealers," while the dramatic guitars of "Nashville Late Pass" are beguiling and insistent. Everything, from the album's artwork to the hazy production, steeps the music in warmth. Even when the instrumentation has a tinge of anxiety to it, Canning manages to drape it in fuzz, providing a carefree air. Home Wrecking Years features more explicit pop songs than his previous releases, but pensive indie rock is still heard in the likes of "Money Mark" and "Work Out In The Wash," which has a retro, sensual feel to it, with '60s drums and playful guitar work.
This is feel-good music. On Home Wrecking Years, Canning has developed a sound that is genuine, heartfelt and liberating.
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