Bradford Cox to Release New Soundtrack for 'Teenage'

Bradford Cox to Release New Soundtrack for 'Teenage'
Deerhunter leader Bradford Cox is the kind of guy that can whip off 250 songs ahead of a recording session like it ain't no thing, so it's no surprise to learn the guy was able to work outside of his full-time band duties to deliver a score for the new documentary Teenage.

Matt Wolf's film, about the rise of teenager culture, has been making the rounds on the festival since 2013, but will get its official theatrical release on March 14. The Cox-helmed score will be released March 11 through Cinereach Music.

The soundtrack appears to feature a number of incidental pieces from Cox, with a preview player courtesy of Amazon showcasing lo-fi dub ("Snow on Cape Bradford Cox"), ambient chimes ("New Prairie Blackout Pattern"), minimalist electronic soundscapes ("Pastel Ruins") and more. Also included on the soundtrack is "Kate," an early '80s post-punk single from New York singer Chandra, who was 12 at the time of the recording.

You'll find the tracklisting details down below.

Teenage is based on Jon Savage's best-selling book Teenage: The Pre-History of Youth Culture 1875-1945 and examines the rise of the teenager, using various youth movements from Flappers to Swing Kids to the Hitler Youth. Providing narration throughout the documentary are Jena Malone, Ben Whishaw, Julia Hummer, Jessie Usher and Leah Hennessey. You'll find a trailer for the film down below.


1. Natural Harp Monitor

2. Skeleton Disk Loop

3. Snow on Cape Bradford Cox

4. New Prairie Blackout Pattern

5. Canopy

6. Daphne Duck

7. Harlem Crepescular

8. Paprika Expose

9. Pastel Ruins

10. Milk Glass Metronome

11. Planetarium

12. Doctor October

13. Chandra - "Kate"

14. Wireless Fantasy No. 1

15. Dream Logic

16. Spanish Plastic

17. VHS Dream (Teenage)