Boris, Sunn O))) and Earth All Featured In Jim Jarmusch's New Film

Boris, Sunn O))) and Earth All Featured In Jim Jarmusch's New Film
As we previously reported, Boris, Sunn O))) and Earth are all lending their sludgy droneathons to Jim Jarmusch's forthcoming film, The Limits of Control. Well, now we know a bit more about what's happening with the soundtrack, and we're sorry to say but it appears all the music will be previously released material.

According to the bands' label home of Southern Lord, all of the contributions have appeared on past releases and no original score-type action will take place from these sludgemeisters. Now, bummer or not, the soundtrack does have tentative release date of April 28 via Lakeshore Records and Southern Lord has revealed which tracks its groups will be contributing (see below). Also, The Limits of Control film has had its release date moved up and will now be released on May 1 instead of May 22.

Here is a partial list of tracks that will appear on the soundtrack, which will also feature a track from the Black Angels and will still likely be pretty awesome:

Boris " " aka "Smile" (from the Japanese version of Smile)
Boris "Feedbacker I & IV" (from Feedbacker)
Boris "Fuzzy Reactor" (from Rainbow)
Boris "Farewell" (from Pink)
Sunn O)))/Boris "N.L.T." (from Altar)
Sunn O)))/Boris "Blood Swamp" (from Altar)
Earth "Omens and Portents 1: The Driver" (from The Bees Made Honey in the Lions' Skull)