Bonny Light Horseman Detail Double Album 'Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free'

Hear their latest preview of the record in new single "I Know You Know"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 9, 2024

Bonny Light Horseman are rounding third with plans for a new double album, Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free, arriving June 7 via their new labelhome, Jagjaguwar.

Having spent their first two albums (Bonny Light Horseman, Rolling Golden Holy) on Justin Vernon and the Dessner bros' 37d03d after meeting and forming at Vernon's Eaux Claires festival in 2018, the trio of Anaïs Mitchell, Josh Kaufman and Eric D. Johnson are going big with their latest effort, starting with the release of their first-ever music video.

Johnson shared in a release:

When thinking about directors for Bonny Light Horseman's first (!!!) ever music video, Kimberly Stuckwisch leapt to mind immediately. I'd been a longtime fan of her always-evocative work — and for our band I felt like she'd get it. The treatment she came back with was deeply aligned with the sentiments of the song: life's multiverse, the dualities of joy and pain, the choices we make that chart our course towards one way or another. We shot this on a salt flat in the Mojave desert, trying to outrun the sunset and packs of salty coyotes, under the watch of some wayward desert pelicans.

You can catch the band on tour this summer when they play the 2024 Winnipeg Folk Festival alongside the likes of Mt. Joy, Orville Peck, Lucinda Williams and more. They're also due to head across the US on a headlining tour, if you feel like travelling south of the border.

Take a gander at BLH's first A/V baby below, where you can also find the album's tracklist.

Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free:

1. Keep Me on Your Mind
2. Lover Take It Easy
3. I Know You Know
4. grinch/funeral
5. Old Dutch
6. When I Was Younger
7. Waiting and Waiting
8. Hare and Hound
9. Rock the Cradle
10. Singing to the Mandolin
11. The Clover
12. Into the O
13. Don't Know Why You Move Me
14. Speak to Me Muse
15. think of the royalties, lads
16. Tumblin Down
17. I Wanna Be Where You Are
18. Over the Pass
19. Your Arms (All the Time)
20. See You Free

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