Bobnoxious Rockaholics

Bobnoxious are out to put the sex and drugs back into rock’n’roll, and their attempt to do so is surprisingly enjoyable. Often times the band come off sounding like Lemmy singing for the Ramones, with singer Bob Noxious yelling and growling his way through all 15 tracks (plus two radio edits). The rest of the band strum along to the straightforward songs, adding enough flavour and pizzazz to give the relatively simple songs more punch. Bobnoxious’s inevitable downfall is their attachment to over-indulgence and the party-hardy lifestyle, which make the songs often come off as asinine and childish, and the more meaningful songs ("Good Intentions,” which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Social Distortion record) get buried between the Andrew W.K.-like party tracks. It’s clear what Bobnoxious are trying to achieve and for the most part, they succeed. They just lose themselves amidst tales of debauchery and partying. The album also works as a drinking game, for anybody wants to get sauced along with the band. (Wannabe)