Bobnoxious Bobnoxious

Although the days of ’80s speed metal are long gone, Razor’s front-man Bob J. Reid is attempting to remain a mainstay in Canada’s aggressive rock’n’roll scene. Furthermore, even though no one knows exactly when metal was pushed aside and resurgence in rock’n’roll became some sort of hip "alternative” phenomena, there seems to be a overwhelming amount of self-proclaimed "rock” bands these days. Luckily, Bobnoxious aren’t a second rate rock band, they’ve got all the right hooks, the momentum, and the beat to keep the tunes churning along nicely. With songs about weed, drinking, women, rock, and confrontation, Bobnoxious spew out the epitomised rock’n’roll image. The only minor faults on the CD are "I’d Never Say,” a sarcastic 56-second ballad that sounds strangely like some Journey song that should have been long forgotten by now, and a cheesy Converse All-Stars-esque band logo. (Wannabe)