Bob Wiseman The Legend

On his first live album, Bob Wiseman plays a Halifax house show, filling the room with his singular wit. The Legend captures Wiseman’s unique abilities as a performer, which extend beyond his musical prowess. He sets the tone with "Buster,” a comedic art piece that ridicules a well-to-do record label exec looking for an unconscionable freebie. There are tender moments, such as charming epic "Maureen” and the sly "Kissproof.” An amusing Andy Kaufman-esque anecdote about a run-in with the law and X-Copper serves as a generally unrelated intro to a dynamic folk version of "Search the World.” Wiseman’s banter is almost always as endearing as any of his inventive music and he explains this record’s namesake prior to the urgently angry, punk sloppy "Bhopal.” Once worried about a show in Wolfville, NS, Wiseman was somewhat heartened to see the venue’s sandwich board emblazoned with "Tonight! Bob Wiseman! The Legend!” Though he’s self-effacing about it, Bob Wiseman holds his audience’s attention like only a great artist can. (Blocks)