Bloodshoteye An Unrelenting Assault

Eric Galy normally has extremely good taste. He’s been building a small empire of cutting edge extreme acts for years, distinguishing himself by signing creative and talented bands while becoming increasingly visible on the global metal scene. The prestigious line up of groups he’s worked with brings many questions to mind when it comes to An Unrelenting Assault, namely, what was he thinking? Bloodshoteye’s boring mosh-tastic death metal isn’t worthy of Galy’s history. Remaining more or less on the same page as their previous release, Without Any Remorse, they fail to move forward, luckily without the painful appearance of that guy from Lamb of God this time around. For the most part, the breakdowns aren’t as simplistic or mind-numbing as the last effort and the music is overall slightly more sophisticated. That doesn’t help it escape from its essentially derivative nature, tapping every single generic element of death metal, annihilating every possible distinctive feature into a metalcore mash. The liner notes only add to the growing frustration resulting from listening to this record. The guitar player calls his girlfriend, wife, life partner, whatever, and lead singer, Jessica, "the hottest chick in metal.” Considering most women would like to be taken seriously as musicians and not as the object of drooling dirt bag’s wet dreams, he’s doing a real disservice to both Jessica and his band. Way to go buddy, that’s real progressive. Do yourself a favour, forget this album was released. (Galy)