Bloodshoteye Wrap Up Album, Search for Label

Bloodshoteye Wrap Up Album, Search for Label
You may only know it as the "Tomato Capital of Canada" - no word on whether that's self-proclaimed or an official title they won by some governing body - but Leamington, ON, actually has more to it than fields and fields of blood-red fruit. In fact, they've actually got a quintet of bloody great death metal conspirators known as Bloodshoteye. Kicking around the Canadian metal scene since 2002, the outfit has quite the list of accomplishments under their bellowing belts and they're adding another notch to the bedpost.

It's their third full-length called Expect the Unexpected. Mixed by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, the Agonist) and mastered by Pierre Remillar (Cryptopsy, Ion Dissonance), the album was recorded at Spectre Sound Studio in Windsor, ON, the same place they knocked out debut effort Without Any Remorse. That, however, wasn't their last album. Such honours go to 2006's An Unrelenting Assault.

Still, while Expect the Unexpected is complete, it might be a while before Bloodshoteye get it out. Their contract with Quebec-based indie Galy Records is over.

"We have finished our contract with Galy Records who released our previous two albums," says the band. "We will be shopping the album around for a bit to see if we can get any bites, and hopefully have it released by the end of the summer."

And while Expect the Unexpected doesn't have a label to call home, it does have a tracklisting:

1. "Killing Time"
2. "There Will Be Blood"
3. "Better Off Dead"
4. "Fill The Graves"
5. "Critical Condition"
6. "Just Another Casualty"
7. "Colombian Necktie"
8. "Prophet Of Doom"
9. "The Slaughterhouse Romance"