Bloodshoteye Without Any Remorse

Considering woman-fronted groups du jour in the current metal mainstream are Otep and Lacuna Coil, the world could use an acute dose of lady brutality. A guest appearance from Randall Blyth of Lamb of God demonstrates exactly how brutal the vocals really are. To her credit, he’s the one lacking balls on this record. There is an apparent LOG influence in their music, but it’s stretched across a broad diversity of approaches. Most frequently, the tunes are up-tempo, doom-laden, tremolo attacks that are accented by a good range of vocal dynamics. While mainly death-driven, occasionally they’ll integrate some machinegun mosh parts or Martyr-style grooves. They’re quick to slow it down and bring the hammering beats and impaling guitars to a slow churn, diversifying the material, but often systematically. The mosh parts are definitely where this band decelerates, as they suffer the same fate of any band dabbling in floor-punching generics. Sonically, the kick drum tends to take over the song, but it’s an excusable, age-old tradition respected by metal heads and their sound systems everywhere. While it’s not posed to change the world, it is definitely more interesting than most Canadian metal. (Galy)