Blood Red Throne

Altered Genesis

BY Jill MikkelsonPublished Apr 1, 2005

Hailing from Norway and lead by Tchort (ex-Emperor, current Carpathian Forest and Green Carnation guitarist) Blood Red Throne forsake their country’s metal heritage and their own musical pasts with some pummelling US-styled death. The vibrant and symphonic sounding melodies characteristic of much Euro metal are completely absent among the wrathful riffs and ear-splitting beats. They expose an occasional penchant towards thrash, manifesting a rock-oriented dynamic within the punishing riffage. They are one of the rare creative, forward thinking death metal bands, following in the footsteps of bands like Cryptopsy and Death, pursuing an innovative approach to all the classic tricks. Gallops, solos, grooves, breakdowns and everything musically cherished by metalheads are warped into a particular and nefarious collection of songs. BRT are at their best joining parts and mutating riffs, creating complex and deadly melodies. The low growl of the vocals and the machine gun double bass are a perpetuating force throughout. They have a sense of continuity that is absent in much of heavy music. This record will definitely have an impact expanding their already loyal fan base.

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