The Bled Pass the Flask

Though they have been lumped in with Alexisonfire in the "hardcore for the kids” bandwagon, the Bled’s music is far less compromising, shutting out any hint of melody with a never-ending stream of aggression and throat-tearing screams. The music is certainly compelling, running the gamut from new school hardcore sounds to double-kick insanity and half-time breakdowns. While most of the record maintains an original sound and feel, there are moments when the Bled wear their influences on their sleeve tattoos just a little too heavily; in fact, the bridge riff on "Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back” is an almost exact replica of Refused’s "Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine.” While far worse comparisons exist, the nearly identical sound is somewhat questionable. The remainder of the album, however, stays true to the band as their own musical entity, and it is here that it succeeds. (Distort)