The Bled Found in the Flood

A far cry from the more obvious hardcore leanings of Pass the Flask, Found in the Blood explores more varied sounds than its predecessor. Moving beyond the realm of breakdowns and into more interesting musical ideas, the Bled have progressed without losing the spark that made them such a compelling band in the first place. Still extremely heavy at times, the band seem less afraid to delve into darker, more intricate sonic waters on songs like "Antarctica,” which offers hauntingly beautiful vocals courtesy of scream master James Muñoz. At the same time, the band indulge in their love of hardcore breakdowns, as demonstrated by the speedy thrash of "She Calls Home.” While the heavier tracks on the album can read like a love letter to Every Time I Die, the more atmospheric moments are indicative of a band going it alone, exploring some truly interesting sonic realms. (Vagrant)