Black Wizard Livin' Oblivion

Black Wizard Livin' Oblivion
Black Wizard have returned with Livin' Oblivion, a mean, visceral thrash record; they take the stoner roots developed on 2016's New Waste, and pick right back up — classic riffs in a modern context.
The album comes out of the gate with two thrashers in "Two of These Nights" and "Feast or Famine," immediately signalling that this is not the same band. This movement of thrash is capped off by the album's self-titled track, which is full of brain-melting riffs, and song dynamics never before exhibited.
Even though the title track and "Portraits" are album highlights, its peak is in the middle with "Cascadia." Although more mellow than the rest, it is the most emotionally honest track. Mixing the band's stoner metal roots with elements of classic blues truly make it something special.
Livin' Oblivion takes the stoner metal roots and expands into a much more natural and modern context. What lies next for Black Wizard will prove to be the most vital for band's future. (Listenable)