The Black Keys Announce 'Turn Blue' Album via Hypnotic Trailer

The Black Keys Announce 'Turn Blue' Album via Hypnotic Trailer
The Black Keys' stock has risen considerably in the last few years, as they've toured arenas, been toasted with a star-studded tribute album, won a few Grammys, worked with Lana Del Rey, and even got into a war of words with the Biebs. Now, the bluesy rockers are preparing to release a new album called Turn Blue on May 13.

The duo announced the album with a very creepy, cryptic two-minute hypnosis video. The clip doesn't make any reference to the Black Keys until the very last frame, which is a vintage infomercial screen (above) with the details of the release.

The clip includes a low-key snippet of atmospheric instrumental music, but it doesn't sound much like the Black Keys. There's no indication if track this will appear on Turn Blue or if it's by the band at all.

The weirdest part? The video was announced on Twitter by tabloid-friendly boxing icon Mike Tyson. Check it out below, along with a few other similar clips.

Reports have indicated that the Black Keys will release a song called "Fever" on Monday (March 24).

Turn Blue will be the Black Keys' first album since 2011's El Camino. As you may remember, that album was announced with a similarly tongue-in-check rollout involving a fake advertisement for a van.