Billy Corgan Unveils Experimental Album: 'AEGEA'

Billy Corgan Unveils Experimental Album: 'AEGEA'
Already in 2014, Smashing Pumpkins main man Billy Corgan has performed a pair of unique live shows using modular synths. Now, he's announced a double album of experimental music called AEGEA.

The recordings date back to the spring of 2007. A post on Smashing Pumpkins' website notes that the initial pressing will be limited to just 250 vinyl copies, each of which are hand-numbered and annotated by Corgan himself.

Most of these will be sold online, with a few copies available at Madame Zuzu's teahouse in Chicago. They will cost $59.95 ($65.50 Canadian) plus shipping and handling. AEGEA will be released in the next six to eight weeks.

Corgan said in statement, "As a work, AEGEA is experimental in nature, and comes across as more a soundtrack to some lost foreign film than the kind of music I'm usually associated with. Listening back I quite like how AEGEA goes along, as it has qualities that are both meditative and alien; but not alienating."

As for Smashing Pumpkins, they are releasing a pair of albums called Monuments to an Elegy and Day for Night in 2015.