Bill Callahan Announces New Album

Bill Callahan Announces New Album
Via perhaps the least informative press release ever, today we received word that Bill Callahan is releasing a new album. Apparently it's called Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle and is out April 14 courtesy of Drag City. But since the release contains a total of 22 words and Callahan has yet to comment, that's all we have to go on for this second album since he dropped his old Smog handle.

So, due to the lack of any sort of details on this follow-up to Woke on a Whaleheart, here are some tips from Drag City on how you should properly listen to a record, like perhaps the new Bill Callahan:

- Decide what you like. This may come as the result of self-searching, following by reaching into the world in order to evaluate the music it has to offer.

- Having evaluated the variety of products available to you, take the plunge and buy one!

- You are now in possession of something special. It requires your attention in order for you to determine if it also requires your faith and devotion. Take it home, it's time to find out.

- Conducting the ritual of listening is up to you - when you want to listen, and where. We suggest you choose a space that allows the music to come to you in a relaxed state over a system that lets the sound breathe.

- Listen to the record all the way through. It's saying something to you, something you might not be able to hear if you subdivide it by songs, taking time and attention away from it in bits and pieces.

- Spend time with the record, absorb the artwork and whatever details are available to you. It's like a lover, don't ignore him/her.

- Congratulations, you're listening to music. It's not wallpaper, it's not your ringtone. It's like a book or a movie, worth your undivided attention, giving back to you the value of the time you put into it.

Bill Callahan "Diamond Dancer"