Bill Callahan "Expanding Dub"

Bill Callahan 'Expanding Dub'
Generally downtrodden indie singer-songwriter Bill Callahan is veering off into wild new territory via a mind-blowing dub reworking of stems from his upcoming Dream River. The piece is tellingly titled "Expanding Dub."

Callahan used bits and pieces of Dream River to create his heady soundscape. Ushering us into the piece are galloping bongos and a puff of Zamfir-approved pan flute. Caked in reverb, and layered with classically traumatic moans like "You look like worldwide Armageddon," the dub exploration seems perfect for a contemplative day on emerald green hillside with a bag full of the dankest of nuggs.

Go ahead and take a spirit journey with Callahan by streaming "Expanding Dub" down below.

Dream River proper, meanwhile, drops September 17 via Drag City.