Bikini Kill Issuing Expanded 'Revolution Girl Style Now!' Demo

Bikini Kill Issuing Expanded 'Revolution Girl Style Now!' Demo
Bikini Kill's ongoing reissue campaign will update the band's 1991 demo tape Revolution Girl Style Now! for an expanded deluxe edition release featuring a few previously unheard cuts from the Olympia, WA punk faves. It lands for the first time ever on CD, LP and as a digital download through their Bikini Kill Records on September 22.

News of the reissue arrived today (July 30) via a trailer. As you'll see down below, it combines vintage live footage of the band with demo recordings of tracks including "Suck My Left One" and "Feels Blind," which were both re-recorded for their 1992 self-titled EP.

A pre-order listing notes that the demos were recorded by Pat Maley and self released by the band in 1991. This updated version of Revolution Girl Style Now! adds previously unreleased recordings of the band's "Ocean Song," "Just Once," and "Playground." The reissue was mixed by Fugazi's Guy Picciotto and mastered by John Golden.

The first 300 copies of the vinyl LP will come packaged with a poster, while limited quantities of the CD edition will be packaged with a button and a sticker. There will also be a limited, mail-order only cassette version. You'll find all of the pre-order info here.

Revolution Girl Style Now!:

1. Candy
2. Dadd's L'il Girl
3. Feels Blind
4. Suck My Left One
5. Carnival
6. This Is Not a Test
7. Double Dare Ya
8. Liar
9. Ocean Song
10. Just Once
11. Playground