Big Boi Gets Racially Insensitive Dolls Banned from New Zealand Airport

Big Boi Gets Racially Insensitive Dolls Banned from New Zealand Airport
Big Boi recently ran afoul of the law when he was busted for carrying ecstasy pills, MDMA powders and unprescribed Viagra. But that isn't stopping the celebrated rapper for campaigning against racially insensitive toys known as golliwog dolls.

XXL points out that the Outkast member saw a number of the dolls on sale at the store Natures Window while in a Auckland, New Zealand airport last Thursday (August 25). He subsequently posted the photo above and tweeted, "Ok, all blacks is a rugby team, but what the fuck are these, also in the airport."

In response to Big Boi's comments, the New Zealand Herald newspaper got in touch with airport management, who effectively had the toys taken off the shelf.

"In this case we acknowledge that this is a product widely regarded as inappropriate," airport corporate relations manager Richard Llewellyn said. "We apologize for any offence caused as a result of this product being on sale at the airport."

New Zealand residents needn't worry about the dolls souring Big Boi's opinion of the country, though. He tweeted, "Despite the 'Golliwoggs' New Zealanders are cool as shit, nothin but good vibrations, had to show yall the crazy things we see daily."

The golliwog was a popular character throughout much of the 20th century, appearing on Robertson's jam jars and in Enid Blyton's children's novels. But the toys have fallen out of popularity over the years for obvious reasons. And thanks to Big Boi, the dolls are now available at one less store.