Beefs 2012: Billy Bragg Slams Morrissey over Olympics Comments

Beefs 2012: Billy Bragg Slams Morrissey over Olympics Comments
Dependably grouchy pop curmudgeon Morrissey recently lashed out at the London Olympics, criticizing Britain for its "blustering jingoism" and even comparing the nation to Nazi Germany. Now, another opinionated English songwriter has offered a rebuttal, as political songwriter Billy Bragg has spoke out against Morrissey's claims.

Bragg took to Facebook on Tuesday (August 7) to write that Morrissey is "in the wet blanket brigade when it comes to the Olympics."

He went on to say that, while jingoism is characterized by the "blinkered assertion that we are better than everybody else and you are rubbish because you are not us," the mood surrounding the Olympics is far less negative. According to Bragg, "The home crowd are very enthusiastic when our athletes perform, but they've also shown a warmth towards those from other nations and not always the winners."

He notes that flag waving is often associated with the Nazis, but Olympic national pride is a celebration of a "different society, one in which all can reach their full potential no matter what their background."

Read Bragg's full post here. Unsurprisingly, it's already generated plenty of heated debate; as of press time, the posted has been "liked" well over 2,000 times, with more than 500 comments that range from praise to scorn.

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