The Bats "Free All the Monsters" / "In the Subway" (videos)

The Bats 'Free All the Monsters' / 'In the Subway' (videos)
New Zealand Kiwipop heroes the Bats are returning with their eighth studio album Free All the Monsters. And to get us a bit more pumped about the release, they've recently released two videos for tracks off the new album.

First up, the title track's vintage-style video takes footage from a Godzilla spinoff flick and follows a couple of kids as they board a spaceship and watch laser-spewing, fire-breathing monsters battle each other, only to later be rescued by the giant flying turtle known as the mighty Gamera.

The second vid is for album track "In the Subway" isn't quite so adventurous, opting for visuals of the band performing in a graffiti-covered tunnel. Director Paul Kean described the making-of process, stating, "I ran around with a camera and chopped the bits together with iMovie."

Watch both of the new music videos below.

The Bats' Free All the Monsters will be released in North America on November 22 via Flying Nun.

"Free All the Monsters":

"In the Subway":