The Bats Treated to More Deluxe Reissues via Captured Tracks

The Bats Treated to More Deluxe Reissues via Captured Tracks
New York indie label Captured Tracks is keeping alive its partnership with iconic Kiwipop imprint Flying Nun by announcing another batch of reissues, this time supporting the Bats.

Following the imprint's 2013 Record Store Day release of the Bats' 1984 debut EP By Night, Captured Tracks is now ready to re-release the singles collection Compiletely Bats as a double-LP offering. Originally issued through Flying Nun in 1990, the compilation includes tracks from By Night, 1985's And Here Is Music for the Fireside and 1986's Made Up in Blue. The early-days compendium is said to show off how the Bats' "guitars jangle with both an optimism and a deeper melancholy that lurks just below the surface."

Also, the group's first full-length, 1987's much-loved Daddy's Highway, is receiving a vinyl pressing in remastered form. The re-release features exclusive demo takes, two of which being for the album's opening cut "Block of Wood." You'll find one of the early versions down below.

Then, to cap things off, sophomore set The Law of Things will get the deluxe treatment, with the double-LP package including a 12-inch of outtakes, B-sides and more. The reissue's "Check Check" outtake is also available to stream beneath the tracklisting info for all of the releases.

All the above material will be served up as a three-CD set dubbed The Bats: Volume 1, and all the releases arrive May 27. You can pre-order all the reissues here.

Compiletely Bats:

1. Made Up in Blue

2. Neighbours

3. Chicken Bird Run

4. Jewellers Heart

5. I Go Wild

6. Blindfold

7. Mad On You 

8. By Night

9. Earwig 

10. Claudine 

11. United Airways
12. Man in the Moon

13. Trouble in This Town

14. Joes Again

15. Offside

Bonus 12-inch:

16. My Way

17. Calm Before the Storm

18. Candidate

19. Block of Wood (Demo 1)

20. Block of Wood (Demo 2)

21. Daddy's Highway (Drum Machine Version)

Daddy's Highway:

1. Block of Wood

2. Miss These Things

3. Mid City Team

4. Some Peace Tonight

5. Had to Be You

6. Daddy's Highway

7. Treason

8. Sir Queen

9. Round and Down

10. Take It

11. North by North

12. Tragedy

The Law Of Things:

1. Other Side of You

2. Law of Things

3. Never Said Goodbye

4. Time to Get Ready

5. Ten to One

6. Mastery

7. I Fall Away

8. Cliff Edge

9. Nine Days

10. Bedlam

11. Smoking Her Wings

Bonus 12-inch:

12. North by North (Remix)

13. Straight Through My Heart 

14. Get Fat 

15. Best Friends Brain

16. Downfall (The Law of Things Outtake)

17. Passed By (The Law of Things Outtake)

18. Check Check (The Law of Things Outtake)

19. Is That All I Get for My Heart (The Law of Things Outtake)