Baths Cerulean

Baths is one of many monikers taken by Will Wiesenfeld, a 21-year-old musical genius from the L.A. area. In a city where the underground beat movement is ever-expanding and artists such as Flying Lotus and Daedelus are changing the way we perceive, digest and experience music, Wiesenfeld's emotional exploration and fusion of electronic and acoustic on Cerulean are appropriate additions to the scene. As far as vocals are concerned, a number of tracks are eerily reminiscent of the high-pitched reflections of Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos. Tracks like "You're My Excuse To Travel," while holding a solid, if simple, musical base, lose a bit of lustre when the vocals kick in. The purely instrumental tracks, however, are simply beautiful. "Animals" plays with hiccupped beats and layers eclectic, choppy electronics. The arrangement shines with innocence and expectancy, loosely comparable to Minneapolis's Tarlton. Spontaneity is key on Cerulean, as demonstrated by the likes of "Maximalist." Stuttered breaks on heavy beats and warped synths that expand until they simply consume you are an absolute salute, whether intentional or not, to FlyLo and his brilliance. Baths is another musician to add to a scene slowly gaining significant, and necessary, exposure. (Anticon)