Bassnectar Cozza Frenzy

After release of Underground Communication in 2007, Bassnectar gained cult status spreading his sound, and gaining fans, via word of mouth. Performing live, Bassnectar turns bass into a ritual, tweaking sounds in the moment to the infinite degree. The production work on Cozza Frenzy will caress your consciousness. But there is still work to be done bringing the ethereal sound of Bassnectar's live show to a polished LP. Fans will doubtlessly get down to this but Bassnectar will have better luck with his live show then he will with Cozza Frenzy. Bassnectar is a risk taker with his music and an innovator. With "Teleport Massive," Zumbi throws a smart lyrical flow over a bass-heavy electro stretch of sound. "Love Here" represents the open, airy sound brought to us by the Orb or Leftfield, and it almost hits that solid place from the masters, but not quite. "When I Grow Up" also comes close. Hype support song "Boombox" makes you want to go out and get things done. (Childs Play)