Bassnectar Unlimited

Bassnectar Unlimited
There's often an unspoken bias against artists who are too prolific, as though the quantity of their work somehow detracts from the quality. These artists are met with scepticism, and their bottomless pits of inexhaustible creativity are seen as "too good to be true."
Since 2003, Bassnectar, a.k.a. Lorin Ashton, has released 10 full-length studio albums — including his latest, Unlimited — and countless EPs, singles and remixes. In 13 years, Ashton has achieved what most artists strive for in decades. On top of that, the ever-touring DJ continues to headline international festivals and tend to the needs of his loyal fan base, the Bassheads. His amorphous style, consistently well-received and reviewed, has attained a level of staying power that has outlasted many of his peers.
But Bassnectar is much more than your average DJ simply looking to feed his listeners' inner party animal — he's looking to feed their inner spiritual animal, too. Lorin considers the relationship between the music and his audience sacred, and holds himself to higher standards than most when it comes to user experience.
Unlimited is the result of quality time spent unplugged from social media and the internet. The focus here is on the journey inward, with a number of lush downtempo tracks ("Surrender," "Journey to the Center" and "Paracosm") that promote a more introspective mindset. In the words of Lorin himself, he hopes the album will "stretch out time a bit longer," and give listeners the opportunity to "sink deeper into each precious moment."
Killer collaborations add to the magic of the LP, featuring tracks with Gnar Gnar, Luzcid, the Glitch Mob and G. Jones, but ultimately, it's Bassnectar's signature bass and kaleidoscopic textures that prove he's still got it 13 years later. Unlimited is a welcome addition to the veteran's discography. (Amorphous)