Barack Obama Includes Lido Pimienta on His "Best of 2020" List

He shouted out the songwriter's 'Miss Colombia' track "Nada"

Photo: Daniella Murillo

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 21, 2020

Apparently, Barack Obama spent 2020 listening to Canadian indie music. Having put Andy Shauf on his summer playlist, the former U.S. President has now included Lido Pimienta on his "best of 2020" list.

In a tweet posted on Saturday (December 19), Obama shared his favourite songs, crediting his "music guru" daughter Sasha with help on the picks. The list includes "Nada," a track from this year's Miss Colombia, featuring Li Saumet.

Pimienta has tweeted her response to appearing on Obama's list, writing, "The elephant in the room being that I'm the only artist here who still pays rent and I have three kids so needless to say, I WILL BELIEVE MY OWN HYPE AND ENJOY THE GOODNESS EVEN IF MY CONFLICTING *INTELLECTUAL* FEELINGS WANT TO SHIT ON THIS."

Beyond "Nada," Obama's favourite tunes of 2020 include Phoeobe Bridgers, Waxahatche, J. Cole, Megan Thee Stallion, Bob Dylan, Bad Bunny, Jessie Ware, Jeff Tweedy, Bruce Springsteen and more. See the list below, along with Pimienta's reaction.

Much like Obama, Exclaim! included Lido Pimienta on our best of 2020 list.

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