Bahamas Bahamas Is Afie

Bahamas Bahamas Is Afie
The title Bahamas Is Afie tells you everything you need to know about Afie Jurvanen: he's honest, direct and has a sly sense of humour. The Toronto musician's third album serves as a self-titled effort of sorts, and it's a work that's worthy of Jurvanen's name scrawled alongside his moniker.

The album's 12 tracks bear the hallmarks of Jurvanen's distinct style — skilfully airtight guitar work breezing across laid-back tempos as Jurvanen lures you in with his blissful coos. It's a smooth blend of folk, country, pop and soft-rock that Jurvanen has stewed in long enough for it to become extra potent.

Bahamas Is Afie contains some of Jurvanen's best work to date, standing up there next to 2012's Barchords high benchmark "Lost In The Light." From opening number "Waves" and its brilliant use of wistful harmonies to the stark, emotional statements on "All Time Favourite" that make the bedrock of Jurvanen's excellent songwriting, Jurvanen shows that he can take his strong foundations and build something beautiful, and perhaps timeless, from it.

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