Baauer Bass Camp Tent, Pemberton BC, July 20

Baauer Bass Camp Tent, Pemberton BC, July 20
Photo: JPG Photography
Can a 30-second YouTube meme translate into a successful 90-minute live set? Apparently the answer is "yes" from "Harlem Shake" producer Baauer, since the large crowd at the Bass Camp Tent went absolutely bananas for the entirety of his performance.

He interspersed his colon-rumbling bass drops with rap remixes and air horn samples, often punctuating the crescendos with blasts of white smoke and colourful paper streamers. The DJ himself wasn't much to look at, as he twiddled knobs from atop a large bank of screens, but his enthusiastic arm-waving dances did their job of encouraging fans to go ballistic.

And go ballistic they certainly did: friends climbed up onto one another's shoulders to freak out at the relentless string of drops, while others gyrated and took swigs from bottles of alcohol they had managed to sneak in. The music was repetitive, with nearly every track relying on the same bag of tricks, but the partiers' enthusiasm for deafening bass never waned. Often, the dancers' uninhibited hedonism meant that the field resembled a recreation of the viral videos surrounding "Harlem Shake," only with slightly different musical accompaniment.

Speaking of Baauer's big hit, he saved it for the very end of the set, and the response was exactly what you would have expected. The best thing that could be said for the set was that the song was just another highlight among many.

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