Azure Ray's Orenda Fink Returns with New 'Blue Dream' Solo Album

Azure Ray's Orenda Fink Returns with New 'Blue Dream' Solo Album
The death of Azure Ray member Orenda Fink's pet dog inspired the artist to craft her first solo LP outside of the act in five years. Longtime label Saddle Creek Records will unveil Fink's reawakening, dubbed Blue Dream, on August 19.

A press release for the set explains that the genesis of the LP came out of the passing of Fink's dog Wilson and a quote from Laurie Anderson — also about the death of a pet — sent to the solo artist by a friend. This apparently led her on a year-long period that had Fink on a "deeply personal search for the meaning of death."

Her subconscious is said to have helped her out, with the nocturnal lessons piecing together a narrative revolving around "life and death and the afterlife, reality, and the fine line between the conscious and subconscious world."

Tracked at Omaha, NE's ARC studio with producers Ben Brodin and Todd Fink (the Faint), and assistance from drummer Bill Rieflin (Ministry, Swans), the nine-song set tackles Tarot symbols and spiritualism on "Ace of Cups," reflects on emptiness via "Holy Holy" ("We come into this world all alone / And we leave with not much more"), and acceptance with "All Hearts Will Beat Again."

Musically, the set is said to be informed by Smog, Violeta Parra and Kate Bush. You can hear first preview track "Ace of Cups" now over here on SoundCloud.

Fink's last full-length was 2009's Ask the Night, though she issued the "Mighty Mist"/"New Life" 7-inch in 2011.

Blue Dream:

1. Ace of Cups
2. You Can Be Loved
3. This Is a Part of Something Greater
4. You Are a Mystery
5. Holy Holy
6. Blue Dream
6. Sweet Disorder
7. Poor Little Bear
8. Darkling
9. All Hearts Will Beat Again