Azealia Banks "The Big Big Beat"

Azealia Banks 'The Big Big Beat'
Back in January, Azealia Banks tweeted out the quote "You've been 'round the world looking for love in the strangest places, don't you think it's time you confess your love to me?", crediting the line to "AB." If you thought those were self-referential initials, with the tweet teasing a potential new tune, then you get a gold star. That'd be the hook to Banks' new tune "The Big Big Beat," which is streaming now.

Featuring production from An Expresso, the song is fit with various early '90s house sounds, from club synths to a jazzed-up digi-hi-hat beat. Above this, Banks rifles out bars about being up "in this bitch," and maintaining the precarious balance between staying true to the streets while popping up on magazine covers.

You'll find the aforementioned quote, as sung by Banks, via the stream below.