Aurora Halal MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 25

Aurora Halal MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 25
Photo: Ashutosh Gupta for MUTEK
Aurora Halal is an American promoter, producer and video artist, and she brought her array of talents to the stage at Montreal's Metropolis for Red Bull Music Academy's Nocturne 4: Widescreen Macheen Dreems at MUTEK last night (August 25).
The Brooklyn-based techno activist delivered brash and unforgiving analog techno, piercing through the sound system and leaving the throbbing pulse of the dance floor as its open wound. Her lone figure — a nearly motionless, austere silhouette obscured by hazy smoke — stood onstage in stark contrast to the psychedelic intensity of her hardware mastery.
Halal held a vicious grip on the audience, sinking the audience deep into a metallic vortex. Her transformative and sense-engulfing breed of techno proved vivid and hypnotically immersive performed live. The hallucinogenic quality of her set upheld her reputation as a master of techno's transportive power.