Atreyu Lead Sails Paper Anchors

This whole thing is a quagmire. A Death-Grip On Yesterday was about kicking bad habits and coming to terms with their new life on Victory. Now residing on Hollywood, Lead Sails Paper Anchors starts much like previous Atreyu CDs but quickly begins to sound like old Green Day. With John Feldmann doing production, you can feel his musical and vocal touches throughout, especially when horns are featured in the background. It appears that everyone’s on board and shipping out towards the mainstream. Alex Varkatzas’s vocal abrasiveness has diminished to the point where he and drummer Brandon Saller now share clean vocals duties, with occasional stints of heaviness. Their best efforts come via "Doomsday,” "When Two Are One” and "Becoming The Bull.” Musically, "Blow” has obvious influences from the ’80s, with a sound Bon Jovi would be proud of, especially when the cowbell makes an appearance. Lyrically "Blow” is an acknowledgement that their music has become more airy. Atreyu have extended their sympathy to those who don’t approve of their new direction. However, it’s unfortunate to see a band lose sight of what was important to them while chasing bigger things. (Hollywood)