At Long Last, Korn Are Getting Their Own Adidas


Photo via Adidas

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 23, 2023

Korn play nu metal, and you know what you can't spell without "nu"? Entrepreneurial. The eyeshadow palette they released earlier this year was kind of random, as was frontman Jonathan Davis's line of metal-inspired pet accessories — save for the opportunity to call it Freak On a Leash, which I fully appreciate being unable to squander.

If there's one leader of a Korn brand deal to follow, though, it's something that's been decades in the making: the band are finally getting their own Adidas.

Having adorned themselves in the brand's tracksuits when they bursted onto the scene in the '90s, Korn even went so far as to release a song called "A.D.I.D.A.S." — based on the urban legend that the apparel company's name was an acronym for "All Day I Dream About Sex" — on their sophomore album, 1997's Life Is Peachy.

While the band have said, back in their heyday, they used to get free products from the brand, but they never signed any kind of deal with the musicians, who then went on to endorse Puma in 1998. As Complex reports, Adidas will now release two pairs of sneakers — the Campus 00s and the Supermodified — in collaboration with Korn this October.

Although the company hasn't yet confirmed the plans, the Korn x Adidas release is said to also include two T-shirts, a black and white hoodie with the Korn logo, and two tracksuits: one in black and white, and one in sequins. Word up, indeed.

Check out the other sneakers, which likewise feature Korn's logo on the tongue, the Life Is Peachy album artwork on the insoles and guitar-pick keychains, included in the line below.


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