At Least Your College Essays Were Better Than Travis Scott's

An essay the rapper reportedly wrote for a music class in 2009 has surfaced

Photo courtesy of Live Nation

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 27, 2024

As someone who minored in music in university, I learned firsthand how hard writing about music can be. For some reason that didn't stop me, and here we are today! The same is true of Travis Scott, who apparently could have benefitted from a writing course or two.

Screenshots of an essay Scott reportedly wrote in college in 2009 have surfaced online. Inspiredly titled "Good Music," the paper begins with the sentence "Good music is known all around the world," before giving a preliminary rundown of the careers of Big Sean and Kid Cudi.

To be fair, both rappers were signed to Kanye West's label, GOOD Music, but due to inconsistent capitalization and misspelling of proper nouns, it's hard to tell where the label talk ends and the concept of "good music" begins. It's all enough to make an editor of a music magazine wonder how they got here.

The first two body paragraphs read as though they were poorly paraphrased from Cudi's and Big Sean's Wikipedia pages respectively, before speaking on West's involvement in their respective careers. "Kanye then ask Cudi for material [sic]," Scott wrote. "At the time he didn't have anything. Kanye said you know what you make a mix-tape when your done [sic] bring it to me then we will talk."

After describing Big Sean's come-up, Scott concluded the paragraph by writing, "An now big sean album is posted to be out in spring 2010 [sic]."

For those wondering about Scott's concluding thoughts, he wrote, "Success is not something that is giving out you must go out and take what you want [sic]. Kid cudi And Big Sean [sic] are two complete opposite people [sic] but they are both brought together by music."

Overall, a great read if you're a fellow writer who's feeling bad about their output lately — maybe one day you'll become one of the world's most famous rappers! Of course, this is the internet, so perhaps take the validity of this essay with a grain of salt. Either way, read it in full below.

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