Arkells Want to Make Ottawa Senators Captain Brady Tkachuk a Backup Singer

A recent on-ice performance of "Leather Jacket" has made him a shoo-in for the gig
Arkells Want to Make Ottawa Senators Captain Brady Tkachuk a Backup Singer
Photos: Matt Forsythe (left), @Sportsnet (right, Twitter)
It can't be denied any longer: Arkells appear to be putting together a seriously skilled All-Star band of Ontario sports figures. After inviting Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse onstage for some guitar solo action in 2019, the band have now turned to Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk for some help with backing vocals.

Unlike Nurse, who got his invite to join the band after guiding the Raptors to their first-ever NBA championship, Tkachuk caught Arkells' attention after something of an unofficial audition tape was shared by the NHL team on social media.

A clip posted today by the Senators finds Tkachuk in conversation with teammate Drake Batherson (wearing a microphone) during a practice, telling him how he was recently introduced to "the sickest song of all time" — "Leather Jacket," from Arkells' 2014 album High Noon.

Batherson — who is a relative of Maritime singer-songwriter Matt Minglewood — didn't recognize the song title at first, before Tkachuk jogged his memory by singing the song's chorus.
Sure, Tkachuk forgot some of the lyrics, and he may be a bit winded after skating hard, but his performance in that moment was good enough for Arkells to give their backup vocal blessing. The clip eventually found its way back to the band, who wrote in response, "Brady on back up vocals at the Ottawa show. Done."
No matter what you think of Tkachuk's vocal talents, Ottawa Senators fans will know his showmanship and ability to work a crowd are undeniable. Here's hoping Tkachuk doesn't have a game on Arkells' to-be-rescheduled Ottawa stop on their 2022 tour.

In 2021, Arkells released sixth studio album Blink Once, and also played the Grey Cup Half Time Show in their native Hamilton, ON. The year also saw them avert the vinyl manufacturing crisis by having 500 holiday 7-inch singles cut by hand.