Aphex Twin Sharing Unreleased Music on SoundCloud?

Aphex Twin Sharing Unreleased Music on SoundCloud?
These are days of plenty for Aphex Twin fans. The legendary electronic producer only just released his Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 EP in the wake of last year's Syro, and now it seems that he's been posting a massive trove of unreleased material on SoundCloud.

We say "seems" because whoever is posting the material is doing so anonymously under the name user48736353001. Dozens of tracks have been posted in the last few days, some with tags like "#afx" and "#likeearlyaphex." The very first track, "8 Utopia," was posted along with the message "like early aphex but I'd never heard of him when I wrote all these tracks im going to be uploading."

In a curious moment, user48736353001 even exchanged messages with Aphex Twin's official account in the comments section of the song "Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]," with Aphex praising the former's "beautiful stuff."

So why are fans treating these as legit releases from Richard D. James? Well, for one thing, Aphex's collaborator Mike Paradinas (a.k.a. µ-Ziq) has said that he recognizes some of the tracks from the producer's old tapes. And the music certainly sounds like Aphex; the super-fans over at We Are the Music Makers have reached a consensus that it's the real deal. Also, a bit strangely, all the tracks have been pulled down from Aphex Twin's official SoundCloud account expect for "Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]."

Go over to user48736353001's SoundCloud to hear the material and make up your own mind.