Anti-Flag's Justin Sane "Plans to Flee" the US, Sexual Assault Accuser Claims

Kristina Sarhadi alleges the musician has "persistently tried to avoid service" of her lawsuit since November

Photo: Josh Massie

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 22, 2024

A woman who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against former Anti-Flag vocalist-guitarist Justin Sane last November claims the musician is planning to flee the United States to Europe this week.

As Rolling Stone reports, Kristina Sarhadi alleges that Sane — born Justin Geever — has "purposefully and unlawfully attempted to avoid service" of her sexual assault lawsuit filed in November of 2023.

In a statement regarding her amended complaint published earlier this week (March 16), Sarhadi claims that Geever has "persistently tried to avoid service" of her lawsuit, and has "enlisted the help of his large and wealthy family" in making arrangements to "flee the country this week." 

It is also alleged that Geever has sold his home in Pittsburgh, PA, and has completed a "wire transfer of his assets to a bank in Ireland, where he maintains dual citizenship." Furthermore, Sarhadi claims that the singer's family members "have rallied to assist his exit strategy and his sister Mary, a practicing lawyer, has been granted Power of Attorney in his absence."

Sarhadi first came forward with allegations against Geever (then unnamed) last July on a podcast just as Anti-Flag announced their breakup. The singer denied the allegations shortly afterward, and was further accused of sexual assault by 12 more women in September.

Geever's former bandmates then issued a statement about the allegations, expressing to the singer, "fuck you for hurting so many people." Sarhadi claims that guitarist Chris Head, drummer Pat Thetic and bassist Chris Barker "have remained silent, while isolating themselves from Geever by buying him out of [Hardwork Distribution]," Anti-Flag's distribution company she had named in her lawsuit.

"Despite Anti-Flag's celebrated history of activism in support of women's safety and their decades preaching 'Silence is Violence,' we now know that the band was approached about Geever's predatory behaviour at least 25 years ago and did nothing to stop him," Sarhadi writes. "They chose their business prospects over the welfare of their fans. For decades, these men financially and socially benefited from Geever's predation while pretending not to see it."

Sarhadi also alleges that Anti-Flag "sought to coax my forgiveness through a Restorative Justice process," only for those talks to end in early 2024, writing, "To date, no member of Anti-Flag has owned up to their actions or apologized for failing their duty to reasonably protect their fans and community."

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