André Ethier Readies New Album 'Further Up Island'

Watch his 'Stardew Valley'-themed music video for "Wild Goldfish"
André Ethier Readies New Album 'Further Up Island'
André Ethier has announced plans to close out the trilogy of his latest records with a new release titled Further Up Island. The album is due May 28 via Telephone Explosion Records, and today you can hear a new single from the effort.

Ethier's latest single "Wild Goldfish" arrives alongside an Eva Michon-directed video that sees the artist's pixelated avatar "playing out [a] lonely and melancholy life looking for wild goldfish" inside ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley video game, a favourite pastime among many during the pandemic.

"I think this character is looking for impossible things," Ethier explained of the song's themes in a statement. "I don't think there are any wild goldfish, that's silly. And I don't think there is a utopian feminist commune in northern BC, and even if there was, I don't think they would have any use for this guy."

He added: "Anyhoo, he represents a certain delusional attitude that is in no way malicious but is maybe sweetly pathetic. It's how I imagine many men's voices sound to many women."

The 14-track record from the former Deadly Snakes frontman is another instalment in Ethier's ongoing collaborations and "singular creative kinship" with Sandro Perri. Previously, the pair worked on 2019's Croak in the Weeds together, as well as 2017's Under Grape Leaves.

Ethier expanded on their working relationship:

These albums are a series using the same palette. The tools Sandro and I used on all three of them are similar so that the songs can almost be interchangeable. It's a way of giving time to a creative relationship so it can blossom, like developing a shorthand with a co-worker. Nurturing that process allows it to grow.

Watch Ethier's Stardew Valley-themed music video for "Wild Goldfish" below, where you can also find the album's tracklisting.

Further Up Island:

1. Are You Going
2. Doodah Man
3. Nature Compels Me
4. Flies
5. Rolling Stones
6. Bc
7. Slow the Wheel
8. The Moon is Round and Empty
9. Wild Goldfish
10. You Ride My Mind
11. Wild Blueberries
12. I'll Reject Myself
13. On the Wheel
14. My Mind