Anciients Detail New Album 'Beyond the Reach of the Sun'

Listen to lead single "Melt the Crown"

BY Allie GregoryPublished May 21, 2024

BC prog metallists Anciients took home the JUNO for Best Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Record for their sophomore effort, Voice of the Void, and now, they've returned with plans for its follow-up, Beyond the Reach of the Sun, which is out August 30 via Season of Mist.

Their first record since the departure of founding guitarist/co-vocalist Chris Dyck, and the birth of guitarist/vocalist Kenny Cook's first child, as well as "that whole COVID-19 thing you probably heard about once or twice," Beyond the Reach of the Sun is said to find the group streamlining their sound.

Now with Dyck's replacement, Brock MacInnes, as well as drummer Mike Hannay and new bassist Rory O'Brien (formerly of Vancouver's Bushwacker), the new album will showcase the group's "rock side." Cook explained, "[It] leans towards those elements of our sound and personalities, whereas Voice of the Void was pretty crushing all the way through. With the new material, we've tried to add more dynamics to the music and give the songs more room to breathe."

With that in mind, the band are introducing their new sound today with lead single, "Melt the Crown," which draws inspiration from Rush and Harlequin, as well as "turn-of-the-millennium post-metal and the most psychedelic corners of the Rise Above Records roster."

As for touring plans, Cook added, "The hiatus is over and I think with the new members and everyone being on the same page we're ready to get out there as soon as possible. We missed out on a huge block after the last record, so we've got to make up for lost time. Now that everyone is happy and healthy, we plan to hit it hard."

Check out "Melt the Crown" below, where you'll also find the album's tracklist.

Beyond the Reach of the Sun:

1. Forbidden Sanctuary
2. Despoiled
3. Is It Your God
4. Melt the Crown
5. Cloak of the Vast and Black
6. Celestial Tyrant
7. Beyond Our Minds
8. The Torch 
9. Candescence 
10. In the Absence of Wisdom 

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