American Steel Destroy Their Future

It’s difficult to talk about a reunited band without referencing their past work. Fortunately, American Steel’s latest offering is perfectly capable of standing on its own merits. This band are quite good at using unconventional methods to craft traditional, apparently straightforward punk songs but in doing so create something unique. It’s easy for a band to lean on effects pedals like a crutch, covering up mediocre playing behind a wall of reverb and flange. However, songs like "Smile On Me” and "Razorblades” demonstrate just how adept American Steel are at bringing these elements to the forefront and adding to the song, rather than hiding shitty musicianship. "Old Croy Road” recalls the Clash’s "Stay Free,” while "Speak, Oh Heart” and "Hurtlin’” have a folkie feel. And songs like "Love and Logic” and "Dead and Gone” show that these guys can write some great anthemic rock songs. This record may take a while to grow on some but if you give it a chance it won’t leave your record player anytime soon. (Fat Wreck)