American Steel Destroy Their Future

Since quasi-disbanding in 2002 (only to become the brutally shitty Communiqué), American Steel have left a mighty mark on a few of punk’s biggest names. Against Me! fans take note: with the exception of dirty major label money, American Steel may have been one of the electrified folk punk outfit’s biggest influences. As a result, it’s no surprise that Fat Mike would happily foot the bill for this fine return to form for the Oakland punk progenitors, who have smartly ditched the scarves and mediocre indie pop of Communiqué in favour of the anthemic sing-alongs of their previous incarnation. "Sons of Avarice” is a powerful opening statement after five years of silence, a gruff proclamation of the band’s continued relevance in a scene that’s been aping their brilliant Jagged Thoughts since its release in 2001. There is little sign over this record’s 34 minutes that the band ever went anywhere and songs like "Razorblades” demonstrate that, while they have certainly returned to the American Steel sound, that doesn’t mean they have to stand still. (Fat Wreck)