Amanda Bynes Says She Was High When She Asked Drake to Murder Her Vagina

"I actually wasn't being insincere," she adds

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 9, 2017

Like any good story, the career of Amanda Bynes has been full of high highs and low lows. The actress has been responsible for some damn fun teen movies, and she also emerged as something of a Weird Twitter savant in 2013. That said, she's also been struggling with mental health and addiction issues. All of that is to say that Bynes recently gave her first interview in four years, and she seems to be doing a lot better.

The She's the Man star sat down with something called Hollyscoop, where she gave her first interview in four years. While she discussed all sorts of things from her career, the best moment was when she acknowledged a particularly ridiculous Drake tweet. 

In 2013, Bynes tweeted "I want @drake to murder my vagina," a statement that historians will one day report as a defining moment for pop culture on the internet.

Speaking with Hollyscoop, Bynes said, "I wasn't being insincere." She added, "I was like saying murder my vagina."

That said, Bynes also blamed her addictions on the ridiculous prose. "I was serious, but I was also on drugs, so that was my way of saying like, 'Let's do it man.' But I was on drugs and trying to be hilarious," she added. "He's hot! What does that even mean? It just means, like, 'Fuck me, Drake!'"

Back in 2013, Drake described the tweet as "a little weird and disturbing." Now that Bynes has clarified her comments, hopefully there's still hope for these two to go out on a date or something.

Watch Amanda Bynes' new interview (with the Drake comments at the three-minute mark) below.

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