Allie X Field Trip, Toronto ON, June 3

Allie X Field Trip, Toronto ON, June 3
Photo: Stephen McGill
Taking the Garrison Stage beneath a muted, overcast sky, Allie X brought a splash of colour to Field Trip on Sunday afternoon. It wasn't just the fuchsia gown she wore as she strolled onstage; the Toronto-born, L.A.-based songwriter, born Alexandra Hughes, turned in a tight set that showed off every shade of her sonic palette. From the abrasive chorus of "Bitch" to the dance music thump of "Casanova," Hughes offered the best kind of diva performance: big, confident and full of emotion.
Playing before a hometown crowd, Hughes's body language veered from robotic to rousing. She was just as likely to pump her fist skyward as she was to stand stock still, her head twitching minutely. That contrast carried through to her songs, synthetic pop tracks fleshed out by a live drummer and guitarist. But Hughes' voice was the most organic element of the performance, punctuating tracks like "Good" and "Focus" with a piercing falsetto. Even as the sky continued to darken, Hughes and her band never lost their vivaciousness.

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