Alexander Zen "She Is Soul" / "Live It Down"

Alexander Zen 'She Is Soul' / 'Live It Down'
Toronto "surf western" act Invasions are long gone, but band leader Alexander Zen has ventured off from the project to start a solo career. His solo debut is an EP titled Psychic Safari, which should see release sometime in the summer. Ahead of that, he's offered a few shadowy previews.

"She Is Soul" slinks along via various late-night tones, from moon-eclipsed guitar work to midnight blue bass lines and Zen's candid hoot and holler. "Live It Down" plays out similarly, threaded together with Cure drum machine patterns, whirling organ lines and commanding, if whispered, vocals from Zen.

Both tracks were recorded at the end of 2015 with Josh Korody (Beliefs, Dilly Dally) at Toronto's Candle Studios. You can check them both out below.

Psychic Safari is expected to be released in July.