Alana Yorke The Company House, October 22, Halifax NS

Alana Yorke The Company House, October 22, Halifax NS
Photo: Lindsay Duncan
"I think we might be getting too big for this stage."
Alana Yorke was speaking, specifically, to the physical space: even if you took guitar and drums out of the equation, Yorke's piano and collaborator Ian Bent's keyboards would pretty much fill the Company House's intimate stage. But it's not hard to read her comment metaphorically, either. The moody, atmospheric piano pop of Yorke's debut album, Dream Magic, sounds much larger than the spaces she's playing at the moment, and the record's re-release on Paper Bag Records later this month is poised to win her a much broader audience.
Tonight (October 22), though, it was a Company House crowd, as jam-packed as the stage setup, that listened to Yorke work her way through Dream Magic's songs. The set moved quickly, and though one could imagine those seven songs sounding great with just a piano, the lush arrangements added welcome heft and dynamics to Yorke's keys.
The show closed with "Anthem," the record's single, for which Yorke says she recently shot a new video. The song's rolling arpeggios are matched by a perfectly controlled vocal run in the chorus, one that you could almost hear the crowd continuing to hum along to after Yorke had said her thanks and left the stage.